Sylvester Stallone Workout

by Kerry

The Sylvester Stallone workout is known for resulting in his incredible body and many weight and body transformations. From Rocky to Rambo, Stallone has demonstrated an incredible amount of devotion to the way his body looks and performs on film.
To prepare for the first Rambo film, Stallone barely ate anything – he says he ate about 200 calories daily to lose weight, as he was playing a prisoner of war. He would eat mostly protein with some potatoes, until he hit just under 160 lbs.
While filming Rocky III, Stallone dropped another 5lbs., so that he really emphasized the David vs. Goliath theme of the films. He reportedly ate a diet of 10 egg whites, toast, and some fruit everyday, but worked out to build up his muscle mass – this brought him to a weight of about 175 lbs for the final fight in the film. He would run two miles a day, followed by sparring just under 20 rounds, followed by two more consecutive hours of exercise – followed by a small nap, and even more cardio activity.
For the second Rambo film, Stallone used a workout for a little over a month before filming. For Stallone to achieve optimal weight loss and muscle mass, his trailer got him to train with very intense workouts and a minimal, high-protein diet. During this time, Stallone’s fat percentage was an incredible 4% – which is really amazing considering Stallone’s natural state. For the next Rambo film, Stallone admitted to taking amino acid, which is reportedly equally as strong as steroids, but legal. Around this time Stallone also went on the record as saying he could bench press up to 180kg of weight, and squat 220kg. Around this time, he also had to go into surgery due to his ripping his pectoral muscle during training – of course, Stallone was back on set 10 days later.
During Rocky V, just a few years ago, no one thought that Stallone could even compare to his earlier days, being 60. However, Stallone stunned audiences everywhere as he reprised the famous role. He trained only a few times as week, and of course his body was quite different compared to his former physique, but he looked incredible nonetheless.


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